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Fletcher Pilates® is a complete physical conditioning program derived directly from the original Pilates method taught to Ron Fletcher by Joe and Clara Pilates. The dual emphasis on movement awareness and efficient body mechanics is key to improving posture, alignment and overall body balance. Ron Fletcher, staying true to Pilates' origins, developed an organic, flowing and artful series of movements - deeply engaging the body, mind and breath - that are as challenging to perform as they are satisfying to master. Combining the principles and precision of classic Pilates with his extensive modern dance background, Fletcher developed his own innovative Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Floorwork®, Fletcher Barrework™ and Percussive Breathing™ techniques creating an even more comprehensive movement experience.


In body, breath, mind and spirit we preserve the inspired evolution of Body Contrology, the work of Joseph and Clara Pilates, as articulated by our Master Teacher, Ron Fletcher. As he mentored and taught us, so we will teach and mentor others in the physical transformation that leads from strength to balance to grace.

"Nannette Sheets Crystal is a Fletcher Pilates Faculty Member and an excellent Pilates Teacher, with years of personal and professional practice. She brings a rare combination of clinical experience and a deep understanding of movement to her clients and patients. Nannette's enthusiasm and passion for teaching turns a therapeutic session into a joyful exploration of movement."

Kyria Sabin Waugaman
Director Fletcher Pilates, International


Nannette Sheets Crystal
Fletcher Pilates® Faculty
PMA Certified

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